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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
20-Feb-2016Development of Indicators to Assess Quality of Care for Prostate Cancer.Nag, Nupur; Millar, Jeremy; Davis, Ian D; Costello, Shaun; Duthie, James B; Mark, Stephen; Delprado, Warick; Smith, David; Pryor, David; Galvin, David; Sullivan, Frank; Murphy, Áine C; Roder, David; Elsaleh, Hany; Currow, David; White, Craig; Skala, Marketa; Moretti, Kim L; Walker, Tony; De Ieso, Paolo; Brooks, Andrew; Heathcote, Peter; Frydenberg, Mark; Thavaseelan, Jeffery; Evans, Sue MJournal ArticleClinical registries; Population health; Prostate cancer; Quality indicators; Quality measures 
Sep-2021Immunohistochemical investigation of cytokine expression levels as biomarkers in transrectal ultrasound-guided needle biopsy specimens of prostate adenocarcinoma.Singh, Jagtar; Thachil, Thanuja; Eapen, Mathew Suji; Lim, Aijye; Sufyan, Wajiha; Rawson, Robert; Duncan, Henry; De Ieso, Paolo; Sohal, Sukhwinder SinghJournal Article- 
21-Apr-2020Investigation of circulatory cytokines in patients undergoing intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for adenocarcinoma of the prostate and association with acute RT-induced toxicity: A prospective clinical study.Singh, Jagtar; Singh Sohal, Sukhwinder; Ahuja, Kiran; Lim, Aijye; Duncan, Henry; Thachil, Thanuja; De Ieso, PaoloJournal Article- 
2020Treatment And Outcomes For Indigenous And Non-Indigenous Lung Cancer Patients In The Top End Of The Northern Territory.Basnayake, Thilini L; Valey, Patricia C; Carson, Philip; De Ieso, PaoloJournal Article-