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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2020Data linkage and computerised algorithmic coding to enhance individual clinical care for Aboriginal people living with chronic hepatitis B in the Northern Territory of Australia - Is it feasible?Hosking K; Stewart G; Mobsby M; Skov S; Zhao Y; Su J-Y; Tong SYC; Nihill P; Davis J; Connors C; Davies JJournal Article- 
Sep-2012Evidence in Australia for a case of airport dengueWhelan PI; Nguyen HT; Hajkowicz K; Davis J; Smith D; Pyke A; Krause VL; Markey PJournal ArticleAustralia; Northern Territory; Darwin; Insects; Mosquitoes; Dengue; Disease vectors; Public health; Monitoring; Surveys 
2012Evidence in Australia for a case of airport dengue.Whelan PI; Nguyen H; Hajkowicz KM; Davis J; Smith D; Pyke A; Krause VL; Markey PCase Reports; Journal Article- 
Feb-2017Holding back the tiger: Successful control program protects Australia from Aedes albopictus expansion.Muzari MO; Devine G; Davis J; Crunkhorn B; van den Hurk A; Whelan PI; Russell R; Walker J; Horne P; Ehlers G; Ritchie SJournal Article- 
1-Jul-2014Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 exposures following blood-borne virus incidents in central Australia, 2002-2012.Hewagama S; Krishnaswamy S; King L; Davis J; Baird RWJournal ArticleHTLV-1; needlestick; occupational exposure 
1-Jan-2010Incomplete Protection against Hepatitis B among Remote Aboriginal Adolescents Despite Full Vaccination in InfancyDent E; Selvey CE; Bell A; Davis JJournal ArticleIndigenous peoples; Immunization; Health planning; Hepatitis B; Vaccination; Australia 
Sep-2021The role of Kingella kingae in pre-school aged children with bone and joint infections.Olijve L; Amarasena L; Best E; Blyth C; van den Boom M; Bowen A; Bryant PA; Buttery J; Dobinson HC; Davis J; Francis JR; Goldsmith H; Griffiths E; Hung TY; Huynh J; Kesson A; Meehan A; McMullan B; Nourse C; Palasanthiran P; Penumarthy R; Pilkington K; Searle J; Stephenson A; Webb R; Williman J; Walls TJournal Article-