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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
12-Jul-2023A Graphical Overview of the Histopathology of Human Melioidosis: A Case Series.Savelkoel J; Tiemensma M; Birnie E; Wiersinga W J; Currie B J; Roelofs J J T HJournal Article- 
23-Aug-2023An outbreak of acute rheumatic fever in a remote Aboriginal community.Egoroff N; Bloomfield H; Gondarra W; Yambalpal B; Guyula T; Forward D; Lyons G; O'Connor E; Sanderson L; Dowden M; Williams D; de Dassel J; Coffey P; Dhurrkay E R; Gondarra V; Holt D C; Krause V L; Currie B J; Griffiths K; Dempsey K; Glynn-Robinson AJournal Article- 
13-Aug-2023Cutaneous Melioidosis: An updated review and primer for the dermatologist.Schwartzman G; Reddy S A; Berg S H; Currie B J; Saavedra A PJournal Article; Review- 
12-Aug-2023Fallibility and flaviviruses: a diagnostic lesson in Japanese encephalitis.Proudmore K; Krause V L; Currie B J; Baird RJournal Article- 
21-Jul-2023Melioidosis in Timor-Leste: First Case Description and Phylogenetic Analysis.Guterres H; Gusmao C; Pinheiro M; Martins J; Odio G; Maia C; da Conceicao V; Soares M; Osorio C; da Silva E S; Tilman A; Givney R; Oakley T; Yan J; Toto L; Amaral E; James R; Buising K; Mayo M; Kaestli M; Webb J R; Baird R W; Currie B J; Francis J R; Muhi SJournal Article- 
9-May-2023The Expanding Global Footprint of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Melioidosis.Currie B J; Meumann E M; Kaestli MEditorialHumans; *Burkholderia pseudomallei; *Melioidosis/epidemiology