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10-Mar-2021Can dried blood spots be used to accurately measure vitamin D metabolites?Binks, Michael J; Bleakley, Amy S; Rathnayake, Geetha; Pizzutto, Susan; Chang, Anne B; McWhinney, Brett; Ungerer, JacobusJournal Article- 
5-May-2021Comparison of First Nations and non-First Nations children's profiles with bronchiectasis over two five-year periods from the Northern Territory, Australia.McCallum, Gabrielle B; Oguoma, Victor M; Versteegh, Lesley A; Wilson, Cate A; Bauert, Paul; Spain, Brian; Chang, Anne BJournal Article- 
21-Apr-2019Do combined upper airway cultures identify lower airway infections in children with chronic cough?Hare, Kim M; Chang, Anne B; Smith-Vaughan, Heidi C; Bauert, Paul A; Spain, Brian; Beissbarth, Jemima; Grimwood, KeithJournal Articlebacterial pathogens; bronchiectasis; chronic suppurative lung disease; nasopharyngeal; oropharyngeal; protracted bacterial bronchitis 
Nov-2017The global burden of respiratory infections in indigenous children and adults: A review.Basnayake, Thilini L; Morgan, Lucy C; Chang, Anne BJournal Article; ReviewAboriginal; burden; indigenous; infection; respiratory 
17-Jan-2018Health service utilisation amongst urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged younger than 5 years registered with a primary health-care service in South-East Queensland.Hall, Kerry K; Chang, Anne B; Anderson, Jennie; Arnold, Daniel; Otim, Michael; O'Grady, Kerry-Ann FJournal ArticleAboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander; child health; health service utilisation; urban 
27-Jun-2022Immunogenicity, otitis media, hearing impairment, and nasopharyngeal carriage 6-months after 13-valent or ten-valent booster pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, stratified by mixed priming schedules: PREVIX_COMBO and PREVIX_BOOST randomised controlled trials.Leach, Amanda Jane; Wilson, Nicole; Arrowsmith, Beth; Beissbarth, Jemima; Mulholland, Edward Kim; Santosham, Mathuram; Torzillo, Paul John; McIntyre, Peter; Smith-Vaughan, Heidi; Chatfield, Mark D; Lehmann, Deborah; Binks, Michael; Chang, Anne B; Carapetis, Jonathan; Krause, Vicki; Andrews, Ross; Snelling, Tom; Skull, Sue A; Licciardi, Paul V; Oguoma, Victor M; Morris, Peter StanleyJournal Article- 
27-Jan-2016Inhaled non-steroid anti-inflammatories for children and adults with bronchiectasis.Pizzutto, Susan J; Upham, John W; Yerkovich, Stephanie T; Chang, Anne BJournal Article; Review- 
30-Nov-2018Paediatric and adult bronchiectasis: Monitoring, cross-infection, role of multidisciplinary teams and self-management plans.Navaratnam, Vidya; Forrester, Douglas L; Eg, Kah Peng; Chang, Anne BJournal Article; Reviewcross-infection; disease monitoring; multidisciplinary team; non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis; paediatric bronchiectasis 
Feb-2019Prevalence and nature of lung function abnormalities among Indigenous Australians referred to specialist respiratory outreach clinics in the Northern Territory.Schubert, Jonathon; Kruavit, Anuk; Mehra, Sumit; Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika; Chang, Anne B; Heraganahally, Subash SJournal ArticleCOPD; clinical epidemiology; clinical respiratory medicine; environmental and occupational health and epidemiology; respiratory function tests 
Jan-2014The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in children in the Northern Territory.Dyson, Amanda; Pizzutto, Susan J; MacLennan, Carolyn; Stone, Monique; Chang, Anne BJournal Articleendocrinology; general paediatrics; infectious diseases 
Feb-2003The relationship between inflammation and dipalmitoyl phosphatidycholine in induced sputum of children with asthma.Chang, Anne B; Gibson, P G; Masters, I B; Dash, P; Hills, B AJournal Article- 
Oct-2005Respiratory syncytial virus infection and immunoprophylaxis for selected high-risk children in Central Australia.Bolisetty, Srinivas; Wheaton, Gavin; Chang, Anne BJournal Article-