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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
-2018 Influenza National Immunisation Program Provider LetterCentre for Disease ControlLetterInfluenza vaccination; Influenza; Centre for Disease Control Request Copy
26-Apr-2018Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) Notification FormCentre for Disease ControlFormAcute Rheumatic Fever; Rheumatic Heart Disease Request Copy
2020Adverse Event Following Immunisation/Vaccine FailureCentre for Disease ControlReportImmunisation Request Copy
25-Jul-2017Australian bat lyssavirusCentre for Disease ControlFactSheetFlying fox; Northern Territory; Lyssavirus; ABL; Rabies; Australian bat Request Copy
2016BCG incident and side effects reporting formDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFormBCG; Incident and side effects reporting form Request Copy
2018Biting Midge Pest Calendar for Coastal NT 2018Medical Entomology; NT Health; Centre for Disease ControlCalendarMidges; Insects Request Copy
Aug-2015CampylobacterCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetCamplyobacter Request Copy
Aug-2015Cerebal palsyCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetCerebral palsy Request Copy
Jul-2017Chickenpox (varicella)Department of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetVaricella, Herpes zoster, Immunisation, Vesicles Request Copy
Jan-2013ChikungunyaCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetArbovirus; Viral; Ross River; Barmah Forest Request Copy
Sep-2015Chironex fleckeriCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetStings; Jellyfish Request Copy
Aug-2015Ciguatera fish poisoningCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetGambierdiscus toxicus Request Copy
2015Congenital syphilis guidelines for the Northern Territory. Assessment and management of syphilis in pregnancy and the neonatal period.Centre for Disease ControlReportSyphilis; Maternal transmission; Early congenital syphilis; Late congenital syphilis; Diagnosis; Treatment; Notification; Syphilis serology; Treponema pallidum; RPR; Pregnancy; Epidemiology Request Copy
2019Consent for inclusion on the Northern Territory Cerebral Palsy Register and the Australian Cerebral Palsy RegisterCentre for Disease ControlFormForms; Consent; Register Request Copy
Aug-2015CryptosporidiosisCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetCrypto; Parvum; Bowel disease Request Copy
Jul-2014Dengue feverCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetFever; DHF Request Copy
1991Disease Control Bulletin : Vol. 1 no 1 November 1991 to Vol. 5 no 4 December 1998.pdfKurucz N; Krause VL; Miller N; Merianos A; Burrows J; Patel M; Stewart T; Tai SK; Noonan C; Currie BJ; Rhodes F; Whelan PI; Centre for Disease ControlNewsletterAcute health care; Community health; Communicable disease; Notifiable diseases; Data collection; Epidemiology; Evidence-based medicine; Disease Surveillance; Disease control; CDC Request Copy
2016Don't get melioidosis posterDepartment of Health; Department of Health; Centre for Disease ControlPosterMelioidosis; poster Request Copy
Jul-2017Elevated blood lead levels: Clinical guidelines and public health management of elevated blood lead levelsDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlGuidelineLead exposure; Poison; Lead toxicity Request Copy
2017Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)Centre for Disease Control; Centre for Disease ControlInformation SheetFASD; Alcohol Request Copy