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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
1-Jan-2022Advancing health promotion in rural and remote Australia: Strategies for change.Smith J A; Canuto K; Canuto K; Campbell N; Schmitt D; Bonson J; Smith L; Connolly P; Bonevski B; Rissel C; Aitken R; Dennis C; Williams C; Dyall D; Stephens DEditorialAustralia; *Health Promotion; Humans; *Rural Population 
15-Nov-2022Co-creation of a student-implemented allied health service in a First Nations remote community of East Arnhem Land, Australia.Barker R; Witt S; Bird K; Stothers K; Armstrong E; Yunupingu MD; Marika ED; Brown L; Moore R; Campbell NJournal Article- 
26-Aug-2021Interventions for health workforce retention in rural and remote areas: a systematic review.Russell D; Mathew S; Fitts M; Liddle Z; Murakami-Gold L; Campbell N; Ramjan M; Zhao Y; Hines S; Humphreys JS; Wakerman JJournal Article; Review- 
5-Apr-2023Telehealth in remote Australia: a supplementary tool or an alternative model of care replacing face-to-face consultations?Mathew S; Fitts MS; Liddle Z; Bourke L; Campbell N; Murakami-Gold L; Russell DJ; Humphreys JS; Mullholand E; Zhao Y; Jones MP; Boffa J; Ramjan M; Tangey A; Schultz, R; Wakerman JJournal ArticleHumans; Pandemics; *COVID-19; *Telemedicine; Australia; Referral and Consultation 
18-Aug-2021Understanding and responding to the cost and health impact of short-term health staffing in remote and rural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled health services: a mixed methods study protocol.Fitts MS; Humphreys J; Dunbar T; Bourke L; Mulholland E; Guthridge S; Zhao Y; Jones MP; Boffa J; Ramjan M; Murakami-Gold L; Tangey A; Comerford C; Schultz R; Campbell N; Mathew S; Liddle Z; Russell D; Wakerman JJournal Article-