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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
19-Jan-2021Alcohol Misuse and Critical Care Admissions in the Northern Territory.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
1-Mar-2019Clinical management practices of life-threatening asthma: An audit of practices in intensive careSecombe, Paul; Stewart, Penny; Singh, Sunil; Campbell, Lewis; Stephens, Dianne; Tran, Khoa; White, Hayden; Sheehy, Robert; Gibson, Justine; Cooke, Robyn; Townsend, Shane; Apte, Yogesh; Winearls, James; Ferry, Olivia R; Pradhan, Rahul; Ziegenfuss, Marc; Fong, Kwun M; Yang, Ian A; McGinnity, Paul; Meyer, Jason; Walsham, James; Boots, Rob; Clement, Pierre; Bandeshe, Hiran; Gracie, Christopher; Jarret, Paul; Collins, Stephenie; Coulston, Caitlin; Ng, Melisa; Howells, Valerie; Chatterjee, Indranil; Visser, Adam; Smith, Judy; Trout, MelitaJournal ArticleAsthma| |Treatment Clinical psychology| |Practice Patients| |Care Antibiotics| |Therapeutic use Smoking| |Health aspects 
23-Apr-2021Hazardous and harmful alcohol use in the Northern Territory, Australia: the impact of alcohol policy on critical care admissions using an extended sampling period.Secombe, Paul; Campbell, Lewis; Brown, Alex; Bailey, Michael; Pilcher, DavidJournal Article- 
Dec-2019Internet health information use by surrogate decision makers of patients admitted to the intensive care unit: a multicentre survey.Das, Alexander; Anstey, Matthew; Bass, Frances; Blythe, David; Buhr, Heidi; Campbell, Lewis; Davda, Ashish; Delaney, Anthony; Gattas, David; Green, Cameron; Ferrier, Janet; Hammond, Naomi; Palermo, Annamaria; Pellicano, Susan; Phillips, Margaret; Regli, Adrian; Roberts, Brigit; Ross-King, Michelle; Saroode, Vineet; Simpson, Shannon; Spiller, Shakira; Sullivan, Kirsty; Tiruvoipati, Ravindranath; Haren, Frank van; Waterson, Sharon; Yaw, Lai Kin; Litton, EdwardJournal Article- 
5-Oct-2018The performance of trauma team activation criteria at an Australian regional hospital.Cameron, Mitchell; McDermott, Kathleen M; Campbell, LewisJournal ArticleMajor trauma; Pre-hospital care; Remote health; Trauma; Trauma team; Trauma team activation; Trauma triage 
7-Jun-2022What is the optimal speed of correction of the hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state in diabetic ketoacidosis? An observational cohort study of USA intensive care patients.Blank, Sebastiaan P; Blank, Ruth M; Campbell, LewisJournal Article-