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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
29-Mar-2019Are Recommended Heat Stroke Treatments Adequate for Australian Workers?Brearley MBJournal Articlecooling; exertional heat stroke; heat stress; heat stroke treatment; water immersion 
2017The Case for Heat Acclimatization of Disaster Responders-An Australian Perspective.Brearley MB; Norton IN; Trewin ASJournal Articleacclimatization; disaster; emergency; heat stress; preparedness; responder; tropics 
Dec-2017Characteristics of trauma mortality in the Northern Territory, Australia.McDermott KM; Brearley MB; Hudson SM; Ward L; Read DJJournal ArticleIndigenous; Injury severity score; Mortality; Remote; Season; Trauma 
Feb-2016Cooling Methods to Prevent Heat-Related Illness in the Workplace.Brearley MBJournal Articleheat stress; hot and humid; ice; occupational health; water immersion 
Dec-2015Frequency analysis of photoplethysmogram and its derivatives.Elgendi M; Fletcher RR; Norton I; Brearley MB; Abbott D; Lovell NH; Schuurmans DLetterAffordable healthcare; Heat stress; Hot environment 
29-Aug-2019The impact of perceived heat stress symptoms on work-related tasks and social factors: A cross-sectional survey of Australia's Monsoonal North.Carter S; Oppermann E; Field E; Brearley MBJournal ArticleHeat related illness; Northern Australia; Thermoregulation; Workplace health and safety 
Dec-2016Influence of Chronic Heat Acclimatization on Occupational Thermal Strain in Tropical Field Conditions.Brearley MB; Norton IN; Rush D; Hutton M; Smith S; Ward L; Fuentes HJournal Article- 
25-Sep-2015On Time Domain Analysis of Photoplethysmogram Signals for Monitoring Heat Stress.Elgendi M; Fletcher R; Norton I; Brearley MB; Abbott D; Lovell NH; Schuurmans DClinical Trial; Journal Articleaffordable healthcare; global warming; thermal stress 
Apr-2013Physiological responses of medical team members to a simulated emergency in tropical field conditions.Brearley MB; Heaney MF; Norton INJournal Article- 
Dec-2017Should Workers Avoid Consumption of Chilled Fluids in a Hot and Humid Climate?Brearley MBJournal Article; ReviewFluid consumption; gastric emptying; hot and humid conditions; hydration; occupational 
14-Oct-2015Towards Investigating Global Warming Impact on Human Health Using Derivatives of Photoplethysmogram Signals.Elgendi M; Norton I; Brearley MB; Fletcher RR; Abbott D; Lovell NH; Schuurmans DClinical Trial; Journal Articleaffordable healthcare; exercise; hot environment; photoplethysmography 
2015Water immersion for post incident cooling of firefighters; a review of practical fire ground cooling modalities.Brearley MB; Walker AJournal Article; ReviewCooling; Core body temperature; Firefighter; Forearm; Heat; Immersion; Water