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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
19-Jul-2018Percentage of measured children under 5 who are anaemicSystem Performance and GrantsFactSheetResidency; Indigenous; Locality; Aboriginal; Screening; Children; Age; Health centres Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Potentially preventable hospitalisations (B) NT excluding dialysisSystem Performance and GrantsFactSheetPatient; Indigenous; Aboriginal; Status; Locality; Health Centres Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Proportion of clients with Type II Diabetes and/or coronary heart disease with a chronic disease management planSystem Performance and GrantsFactSheetSDA; Annual Report; BP3; Indigenous; Aboriginal; Health Service; Clinic; Residency; Locality Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Proportion of resident clients aged 15 years and over with Type II Diabetes who have had an Hba1c testSystem Performance and GrantsFactSheetResidency; Status; Indigenous; Aboriginal Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) infection rateSystem Performance and GrantsFactSheetHealth Services; SDA; Hospital; Beds Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Telehealth occasions of service (specialist consultation)System Performance and GrantsFactSheetSDA; Annual Report; Reporting; Health Services; Hospital; Clinic Request Copy
19-Jul-2018Timing of first antenatal visit for regular Aboriginal clieSystem Performance and GrantsOtherGestational Age; Birth; Baby weight; Aboriginal; Women Request Copy