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Aug-2020Performance of cardiovascular risk prediction equations in Indigenous Australians.Barr, Elizabeth Laurel Mary; Barzi, Federica; Rohit, Athira; Cunningham, Joan; Tatipata, Shaun; McDermott, Robyn; Hoy, Wendy E; Wang, Zhiqiang; Bradshaw, Pamela June; Dimer, Lyn; Thompson, Peter L; Brimblecombe, Julie; O'Dea, Kerin; Connors, Christine; Burgess, Paul; Guthridge, Steven; Brown, Alex; Cass, Alan; Shaw, Jonathan E; Maple-Brown, LouiseJournal Article- Request Copy
30-Nov-2018Pregnancy And Neonatal Diabetes Outcomes in Remote Australia: the PANDORA study-an observational birth cohort.Maple-Brown, Louise; Lee, I-Lynn; Longmore, Danielle; Barzi, Federica; Connors, Christine; Boyle, Jacqueline A; Moore, Elizabeth; Whitbread, Cherie; Kirkwood, Marie; Graham, Sian; Hampton, Vanya; Simmonds, Alison; Van Dokkum, Paula; Kelaart, Joanna; Thomas, Sujatha; Chitturi, Shridhar; Eades, Sandra; Corpus, Sumaria; Lynch, Michael; Lu, Zhong X; O'Dea, Kerin; Zimmet, Paul; Oats, Jeremy; McIntyre, Harold D; Brown, Alex D H; Shaw, Jonathan EJournal Article- Request Copy
29-Jul-2020Using co-design to develop a culturally responsive reproductive health learning resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.Gilbert, Emily; Collins, Raelene; Webster, Vanya; Boyd, Nicole; Maple-Brown, Louise; Boyle, Jacqueline; Smith-Vaughan, HeidiJournal Article- Request Copy