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15-Aug-2017Patterns of resident health workforce turnover and retention in remote communities of the Northern Territory of Australia, 2013-2015.Russell, Deborah J; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, Steven; Ramjan, Mark; Jones, Michael P; Humphreys, John S; Wakerman, JohnJournal ArticleAboriginal; Aboriginal health practitioner; Fly-in/fly-out; Health workforce; Remote area nurse; Remote health; Retention; Rural health services; Rural workforce; Turnover
21-Nov-2017Reducing hospital admissions in remote Australia through the establishment of a palliative and chronic disease respite facility.Carey, Timothy A; Arundell, Mick; Schouten, Kellie; Humphreys, John S; Miegel, Fred; Murphy, Simon; Wakerman, JohnJournal ArticleChronic disease; Indigenous; National weighted activity unit; Palliative care; Respite care