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May-2017Analysis of clinical presentation, pathological spectra, treatment and outcomes of biopsy-proven acute postinfectious glomerulonephritis in adult indigenous people of the Northern Territory of Australia.Ramanathan G; Abeyaratne A; Sundaram M; Fernandes DK; Pawar B; Perry GJ; Sajiv C; Majoni SWJournal Article; Multicenter StudyAborigines; Australia; end-stage renal failure; glomerulonephritis; infection 
8-Nov-2021Benefit and harm of anticoagulation in the prevention of thromboembolic stroke for non- valvular atrial fibrillation in haemodialysis patients - a Top End of Northern Australia study.Xu BC; Abeyaratne A; Wong YHS; Majoni SWJournal Article- 
23-Sep-2022Development and validation of algorithms to identify patients with chronic kidney disease and related chronic diseases across the Northern Territory, Australia.Chen W; Abeyaratne A; Gorham G; George P; Karepalli V; Tran D; Brock C; Cass AJournal ArticleAlgorithms; *Cardiovascular Diseases/complications/diagnosis/epidemiology; *Diabetes Mellitus; Humans; *Hypertension/complications/diagnosis/epidemiology; *Kidney Failure, Chronic/complications; Northern Territory/epidemiology; *Renal Insufficiency, Chronic/complications/diagnosis/epidemiology 
1-Mar-2023Exploring the appropriateness of prescribing practice of inhaled pharmacotherapy among Aboriginal Australians in the Top End Northern Territory of Australia: a retrospective cohort study.Heraganahally S; Howarth TP; Issac S; Lloyd A; Ravichandran SJ; Abeyaratne A; Patel BJournal ArticleHumans; Female; Middle Aged; Male; Northern Territory/epidemiology; Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; Muscarinic Antagonists/therapeutic use; Retrospective Studies; *Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive/drug therapy; *Asthma; *Bronchiectasis 
1-Dec-2022Histopathology pattern and survival analysis of patients with kidney biopsy in the top end of Northern Australia from 2007 to 2020.Goh KL; Abeyaratne A; Ullah S; Rissel C; Priyadarshana KJournal Article; Journal ArticleHumans; Female; *Diabetic Nephropathies; Retrospective Studies; Renal Dialysis; Survival Analysis; Northern Territory/epidemiology; Biopsy; Kidney 
Apr-2020Incident haemodialysis and outcomes in the Top End of Australia.Hughes JT; Majoni SW; Barzi F; Harris TM; Signal S; Lowah G; Kapojos J; Abeyaratne A; Sundaram M; Goldrick P; Jones SL; McFarlane R; Campbell LT; Stephens D; Cass AJournal Article- 
4-Jul-2022Induction therapy and outcome of proliferative lupus nephritis in the top end of Northern Australia - a single centre study retrospective study.Xu C; Goh KL; Abeyaratne A; Priyadarshana KJournal ArticleAustralia/epidemiology; *Glomerulonephritis, Membranous; Humans; Immunosuppressive Agents/therapeutic use; Induction Chemotherapy; *Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic; *Lupus Nephritis/drug therapy/epidemiology; Proteinuria; Retrospective Studies 
2-Dec-2021INFERR-Iron infusion in haemodialysis study: INtravenous iron polymaltose for First Nations Australian patients with high FERRitin levels on haemodialysis-a protocol for a prospective open-label blinded endpoint randomised controlled trial.Majoni SW; Nelson J; Germaine D; Hoppo L; Long S; Divakaran S; Turner B; Graham J; Cherian S; Pawar B; Rathnayake G; Heron B; Maple-Brown LJ; Batey R; Morris P; Davies J; Fernandes DK; Sundaram M; Abeyaratne A; Wong YHS; Lawton PD; Taylor Sean; Barzi F; Cass AClinical Trial Protocol; Journal Article*Anemia, Iron-Deficiency/diagnosis/drug therapy; Australia; Ferric Compounds; Ferritins; Humans; Iron; *Iron Deficiencies; Prospective Studies; Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic; Renal Dialysis/adverse effects 
Oct-2014Inflammation, high ferritin, and erythropoietin resistance in indigenous maintenance hemodialysis patients from the Top End of Northern Australia.Majoni SW; Ellis JA; Hall H; Abeyaratne A; Lawton PDJournal ArticleESA resistance; Hemodialysis; erythropoiesis-stimulating agents; indigenous Australians; inflammation; iron therapy 
29-Sep-2022Invasive group A streptococcal disease in the Northern Territory and the impact of melioidosis antibiotic prophylaxis.Birrell JM; Boyd R; Currie BJ; Anstey NM; Abeyaratne A; Majoni SW; Krause VLLetterAntibiotic Prophylaxis; Humans; Melioidosis* / epidemiology; Melioidosis* / prevention & control; Risk Factors; Streptococcal Infections* / epidemiology; Streptococcal Infections* / prevention & control 
26-May-2015Prevalence and clinical impact of magnesium disorders in end-stage renal disease: a protocol for a systematic review.Floridis J; Abeyaratne A; Majoni SWJournal Article; Review- 
6-Mar-2018Pulmonary Hypertension in Central Australia: A Community-Based Cohort Study.Haji K; Wong CX; Chandra N; Truong H; Corkill W; Kaethner A; Naing P; Abeyaratne A; Brady SJ; Kangaharan NJournal ArticleEchocardiography; Indigenous Health; Pulmonary hypertension 
Oct-2013Renal transplantation in indigenous Australians of the Northern Territory: closing the gap.Majoni SW; Abeyaratne AJournal Article; ReviewIndigenous Australian; chronic kidney disease; infection; outcome; rejection; renal transplantation 
Apr-2021Top End Pulmonary Hypertension Study: Understanding Epidemiology, Therapeutic Gaps and Prognosis in Remote Australian Setting.Naing P; Playford D; Strange G; Abeyaratne A; Berhane T; Joseph S; Costelloe, Ellie; Hall M; Scalia GM; Forrester DL; Falhammar H; Kangaharan NJournal Article- 
25-Sep-2018Ultrastructural identification of a proximal tubulopathy without crystals in a relapsed multiple myeloma patient.Brealey JK; Tran Y; Ninnes R; Abeyaratne AJournal Articleelectron microscopy; kidney; multiple myeloma; proximal tubulopathy; ultrastructure 
25-Oct-2021Variations in clinical presentation and biomarkers amongst biopsy-proven Lupus Nephritis patients: a Top-End retrospective cohort study.Xu C; Clarke C; Goh KL; Abeyaratne A; Mogulla M; Majoni SW; Priyadarshana, KJournal Article-