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School influenza (flu) vaccine consent form
Department of Health April 2019 Form
Health Record Guidelines
April 2019 Guideline
Appendix C - Application for authority to prescribe a restricted S8 substance for the treatment of addiction
Department of Health 9 April 2019 Form
Appendix E1 - Application for Variation to Regular OSD Takeaway USD - Buprenorphine, Naloxone
Department of Health 9 April 2019 Form
Elective surgery waiting list – long waits
2081-07-19 FactSheet
Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea and aspiration pneumonitis following initiation of continuous positive airway pressure treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea.
Wasgewatta, Sanjiwika Lalanjani,Manning, Nathan,Redmond, Michael et al 2019-08 Respirology case reports 2019-08; 7(6): e00435 Case Reports
Hepatitis C Fact Sheet
Vicki Krause 2019-06-05 FactSheet
March flies and their medical importance factsheet
Vicki Krause 2019-06-05 FactSheet
Arbovirus surveillance using FTATM cards in modified CO2 -baited encephalitis virus surveillance traps in the Northern Territory, Australia.
Kurucz, Nina,Minney-Smith, Cara A,Johansen, Cheryl A et al 2019-06 Journal of vector ecology : journal of the Society for Vector Ecology 2019-06; 44(1): 187-194 Journal Article
Is total iron binding capacity (TIBC) calculation correct?
Rathnayake, Geetha,Badrick, Tony 2019-06 Pathology 2019-06; 51(4): 451-452 Letter
Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
Department of Health 2019-06 Information Sheet
Northern Territory Sexually Transmissible Infections and Blood Borne Viruses Strategic and Operational Plan 2019-2023
2019-05-30 Plan
Northern Territory Tobacco Action Plan 2019 -2023
Department of Health 2019-05-29 Plan
Early transthoracic echocardiography has useful prognostic value in left-sided native valve endocarditis despite limited diagnostic performance.
Heriot, George S,Newcomb, Andrew,Darby, Jonathan et al 2019-05-28 European journal of clinical microbiology & infectious diseases : official publication of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology 2019-05-28 Journal Article
Practitioners' perceptions of the ASQ-TRAK developmental screening tool for use in Aboriginal children: A preliminary survey.
D'Aprano, Anita,Johnston, Hannah,Jarman, Rebecca et al 2019-05-27 Journal of paediatrics and child health 2019-05-27 Journal Article
A prospective review of perinatal mortality at Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares (HNGV).
Jayaratnam, Skandarupan,Lucia de Fatima Godinho Soares, Maria,Bucens, Ingrid et al 2019-05-27 The Australian & New Zealand journal of obstetrics & gynaecology 2019-05-27 Journal Article
Diabetes in pregnancy and epigenetic mechanisms-how the first 9 months from conception might affect the child's epigenome and later risk of disease.
Hjort, Line,Novakovic, Boris,Grunnet, Louise G et al 2019-05-22 The lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology 2019-05-22 Journal Article
Measuring (and narrowing) the gap: The experience with attendance of Indigenous cancer patients for Radiation Therapy in the Northern Territory.
Carruthers, Scott,Pennefather, Mary,Ward, Linda et al 2019-05-13 Journal of medical imaging and radiation oncology 2019-05-13 Journal Article
Sphenopalatine Artery Ligation for Life-Threatening Epistaxis in a 4-Year-Old Child With Glanzmann Thrombasthenia.
Reyes-Chicuellar, Nayellin,Doddi, Neela Mouli,Kalro, Akash et al 2019-05-13 Ear, nose, & throat journal 2019-05-13: 145561319847167 Journal Article
Aboriginal Health Worker Authorised Person Fact Sheet
2019-05-09 FactSheet

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