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Recent Submissions

NT Pnuemococcal vaccination and revaccination guideline July 2018
Centre for Disease Control July 2018 Guideline
Appendix E2 - Application for Variation to Regular OSD Takeaway USD - Methadone, Buprenorphine
Department of Health 7 June 2018 Form
Appendix C - Application for authority to prescribe a restricted S8 substance for the treatment of addiction
Department of Health 7 June 2018 Form
Applications for Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) takeaway Unsupervised Dosues (USD) for travel
Department of Health 7 June 2018 Form
Code of Practice Schedule 8 Substances - Medicines & Poisons Control
Medicines & Poisons Control 7 June 2018 Manager Medicines & Poisons Control Environmental Health Department of Health PO Box 40596 CASUARINA NT 0811 Code of Practice
Appendix E1 - Application for Variation to Regular OSD Takeaway USD - Buprenorphine, Naloxone
Department of Health 7 June 2018 Form
Appendix D - Clinical Assessment for the Level of Supervised Dosing
Department of Health 7 June 2018 Form
Elective surgery waiting list – long waits
2081-07-19 FactSheet
NT Cancer Care Strategy 2018 to 2022
2019-03-21 Article
2019 Methylated Spirits Fact Sheet
2019-03-14 FactSheet
Alcohol Substitution Products Fact Sheet 2019
Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs 2019-03-14 FactSheet
Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework 2018-2023 - Implementation Plan
2019-03-04 Report
Measles contact information
Department of Health,Centre for Disease Control 2019-03 Fact Sheet
E-cigarette reforms fact sheet
2019-02-26 FactSheet
Q fever: more common than we think, and what this means for prevention.
Francis, Joshua R,Robson, Jenny M 2019-02-18 The Medical journal of Australia 2019-02-18 Editorial
Deed of Amendment 2017-18 Service Delivery Agreement Top End Health Service January 2019
2019-02-14 Agree,emt
Retail staff selling tobacco products must be 18 years of age or older
2019-02-13 FactSheet
Sale, supply, promotion and use of electroniccigarettes and other devices (vaping)
2019-02-13 FactSheet
Tobacco vending machines must be in child free areas
2019-02-13 FactSheet
10 metre smoke-free buffer areas
2019-02-13 FactSheet

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