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    An investigation into health professionals’ use of medication information resources: results of a health library survey
    Introduction: Accurate and timely medication information is crucial for health professionals working in a hospital environment. This article focuses on the findings of a medication information resources survey undertaken in a northern Australian health service. Objectives: To examine health professionals’ usage and satisfaction of medication information resources available to them. Methods: An online survey of staff was undertaken in May 2021. Results: There were 206 responses to the survey. Eighty-eight percent of respondents were either nurses, pharmacists or doctors. The four most popular resources were: Australian Medicines Handbook, Therapeutic Guidelines, MIMS Online and Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook. Fifty-three percent of respondents use the resources daily or more than once per day. Doctors are more likely to use the app version and the Health Library’s website is where the majority access the resource from. Eighty-one percent felt that it was extremely or moderately easy to access resources. Discussion: Responses from the open-ended question indicate that there is a lack of awareness of a number of resources which supports the need for strategic promotion and education. Conclusion: The results of this study have shown that health libraries subscribing to key medication information resources supports patient care and best practice.