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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2014Getting Out & About Locally : Healthy Ageing Directory Darwin & PalmerstonDepartment of HealthInformation SheetExercise; Activities; Ageing
2014Medicines & Poisons Control Information Sheet No. 320.6 : the scheduled substances clinical advisory committeeDepartment of HealthInformation SheetScheduled Substances; Medicines; Poisons Control
2014Medicines & Poisons Control Information Sheet No. 320.8 : Patient Delivered Partner TherapyMedicines & Poisons ControlInformation SheetMedicines; Poisons
Aug-2015CampylobacterCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetCamplyobacter
2014Identification of Prescriber - Medicines & Poisons ControlDepartment of HealthInformation SheetIdentification Prescriber Medicines & Poisons Control, Medicine, Poison
Apr-2013Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) information for medical practitionersDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlInformation SheetOseltamivir; Information for medical practitioners; Tamiflu
2014Guide to downloading from the S8 website-Medicines & Poisons ControlDepartment of HealthInformation SheetS8 website Medicines Poisons Control
2012Tuberculosis (TB) treatment translationsDepartment of HealthInformation SheetTuberculosis
Sep-2015Chironex fleckeriCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetStings; Jellyfish
Nov-2015RotavirusDepartment of HealthInformation SheetRotavirus; Intection disease; gastroentertis