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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Summary of ChangesWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetAbortion; Conscientious objector; Act; Women's health; Consumer information; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Guidelines; Medical practitioner; Law reform; Regulations; Local government; RU486
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Information Reporting RequirementsPregnancy; Reporting; Department of Health; Women’s Health StrategyFactSheetLegislation; Law reform; Medical policy; Women's health; Northern Territory; Australia; Conscientious objectors; Reporting; RU486
2017Career Pathway Planning your futureNursing and Midwifery; Department of HealthFactSheetjob descriptions employment contracts, staffing plans and recruitment strategies all revolve pay points employment Career Pathway Planning
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Credentialing For Medical PractitionersDepartment of Health; Women's Health strategyFactSheetLaw; Medical practitioners; Standards; Reporting; Induced abortion; Conscientious objectors; Women's health; Public health; Legislation; Health policy; Pregnancy; Local government
Jul-2017Pregnancy options for women in the Northern TerritoryHealth Practitioner; Women’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetRU486; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Guidelines; Women's health; Medical practitioner; Consumer information; Law reform; Regulations; Local government; Surgical procedures; Act; Unplanned pregnancy; Contraceptive methods
2017Regions for Prescribed ReportingWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetAbortion;Medical practitioners;Law;Legislation;Local government;Federal government;Regulations;Women's health;Pregnancy
Jul-2017Having a termination of pregnancy in the NTWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetWomen’s health; Law reform; Consumer information; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Medical practitioner; Health practitioner; Guidelines; RU486; Surgical procedure; Regulations; Local government
Aug-2017Banned Drinker Register - InterpretersAlcohol and Other Drugs; Department of HealthFactSheetBanned Drinker Register Stakeholder Fact Sheets Alcohol BDR Interpreters
Jul-2017Chickenpox (varicella)Department of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetVaricella, Herpes zoster, Immunisation, Vesicles
Jul-2017Lead and healthDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlFactSheetEllivated; Poison