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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Mar-2017NF1 Change of Ownership of a Pharmacy BusinessDepartment of HealthFact SheetPharmacy; Business ownership
Apr-2017Gazette S19 or 12 April 2017Department of HealthNewsletterMedicines Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act; Nurses; Midwives; Aboriginal health practitioners; Scheduled substance treatment protocol
Mar-2017NF6 Notification of Pharmacy Superintendent FormDepartment of HealthFormNF6 Notification Pharmacy Superintendent Form
Mar-2017NF3 Application for a New or Changes to a Pharmacy DepartmentDepartment of HealthFact SheetNF3 Application; Pharmacy Department
2016Northern Territory Burden of Disease Study: Fatal Burden of Disease and Injury, 2004–2013Department of Health; Zhao Y, Zhang X, Foley M, Guthridge SReportCost of illness; Health status indicators; Injuries; Risk factors; Aboriginal people; Statistics; Health and illness; Health Economics
2016Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Key Performance Indicators Report, 2014Department of Health; Health Gains PlanningReportEpidemiology Aboriginal health Key performance indicators Northern Territory Primary health care Statistics
Mar-2017PS5 Standard for Pharmacy Based Immunisation ProgramsDepartment of HealthFact SheetImmunisation
Mar-2017PS3 Display of Names for Pharmacy BusinessesDepartment of HealthFact SheetPharmacy Businesses
Mar-2017PS2 Premises Standard for Pharmacy BusinessDepartment of HealthFact SheetPharmacy Business
Mar-2017PS4 Standard for Professional Services PremisesDepartment of HealthFact SheetPharmacy