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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jan-2014Applications of a sugar-based surveillance system to track arboviruses in wild mosquito populations.van den Hurk, Andrew F; Hall-Mendelin, Sonja; Townsend, Michael; Kurucz, Nina; Edwards, Jim; Ehlers, Gerhard; Rodwell, Chris; Moore, Frederick A; McMahon, Jamie L; Northill, Judith A; Simmons, Russell J; Cortis, Giles; Melville, Lorna; Whelan, Peter I; Ritchie, Scott AJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
Oct-1998Australian encephalitis in the Northern Territory: clinical and epidemiological features, 1987-1996.Burrow, J N; Whelan, P I; Kilburn, C J; Fisher, D A; Currie, B J; Smith, D WCase Reports; Journal Article-
Dec-2015Determining meteorological drivers of salt marsh mosquito peaks in tropical northern Australia.Jacups, Susan P; Carter, Jane; Kurucz, Nina; McDonnell, Joseph; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleAedes; arbovirus; climate; control; ecology; larvae
Mar-2009A comparison of two generic trap types for monitoring mosquitoes through an annual cycle in tropical Australia.Bisevac, Lubomir; Franklin, Donald C; Williamson, Grant J; Whelan, Peter IComparative Study; Evaluation Studies; Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
26-Nov-1998Communicable diseases surveillance.Broom, A K; Azuolas, J; Hueston, L; Mackenzie, J S; Melville, L; Smith, D W; Whelan, P IJournal Article-
May-2012Experimental comparison of aerial larvicides and habitat modification for controlling disease-carrying Aedes vigilax Little, Siobhan C; Williamson, Grant J; Bowman, David Mjs; Whelan, Peter I; Brook, Barry W; Bradshaw, Corey JaEvaluation Studies; Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
2-Jul-1990Is Aedes albopictus in Australia?Kay, B H; Ives, W A; Whelan, P I; Barker-Hudson, P; Fanning, I D; Marks, E NComparative Study; Journal Article-
2000Envenomation by the billygoat plum stinging caterpillar (Thosea penthima).Isbister, G K; Whelan, P ICase Reports; Journal Article-
Jul-2008Predictive indicators for Ross River virus infection in the Darwin area of tropical northern Australia, using long-term mosquito trapping data.Jacups, Susan P; Whelan, Peter I; Markey, Peter G; Cleland, Sam J; Williamson, Grant J; Currie, Bart JJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
19-Apr-1993An outbreak of epidemic polyarthritis (Ross River virus disease) in the Northern Territory during the 1990-1991 wet season.Tai, K S; Whelan, P I; Patel, M S; Currie, BJournal Article-