Title: Medical Entomology annual report 2012-2013
Authors: Centre for Disease Control
Publisher: Medical Entomology Branch, Centre for Disease Control, NT Department of Health
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Abstract: Services provided by Medical Entomology (ME) aim to reduce the impact of biting insects on the people of the Northern Territory (NT). These include the prevention of the re-introduction of malaria, the prevention of the introduction of exotic mosquito vectors of dengue, insecticide and engineering programs for mosquito control, mosquito surveillance programs in the major towns, guidelines and advice on biting insects for both large and small scale developments, a public inquiry service, a public awareness program, and incidental research on biting insects and mosquito borne viruses.
Subjects: Annual reports;Insects;Mosquitoes;Disease vectors;Pest control;Vector control;Monitoring;Surveys;Engineering;Arboviruses;Ross River virus infections;Dengue;Malaria;Encephalitis;Quarantine;Prevention and control;Viruses;Virology;Public health;Urban development;Rural areas
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