Title: A preliminary investigation of oral and transovarial transmission of Ross River virus by Aedes normanensis (Taylor) from the Northern Territory
Authors: Whelan, Peter I
Shorthose, J
Publisher: Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Issue Date: 1986
Series/Report no.: Arbovirus Research in Australia
Symposium 4
Abstract: Wild caught females of Aedes normanensis from Mataranka in the Northern Territory were fed on new born mice intracerebrally inoculated with Ross River (RR) virus isolated from the Northern Territory. Classic RR virus symptoms were produced in litters of new born mice from five to eight days after exposure to the infected mosquitoes. Tests on the mice showed cytopathic effects and the presence of alpha virus. Eggs laid by the caged mosquitoes reared to adults failed to show any evidence of transovarial transmission at least at the 0.46% level of individuals examined.
Description: This article was presented as a poster at the 4th Arbovirus Research in Australia symposium in 1986.
Subjects: Transmission;Ross River virus infections;Northern Territory;Insects;Mosquitoes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10137/279
ISSN: 0725-4989
Series/Report no.: Arbovirus Research in Australia
Symposium 4
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