Title: Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Information Reporting Requirements
Authors: Pregnancy
Department of Health
Women’s Health Strategy
Publisher: Department of Health
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Abstract: Section 17 of the Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act requires medical practitioners who perform or direct the performance of a termination of pregnancy to provide to the Chief Health Officer with prescribed information within the timeframe prescribed by regulation. Part 4 of the Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Regulations (the regulations) sets out the prescribed information which suitably qualified medical practitioners must provide to the Chief Health Officer when they perform terminations of pregnancy. The regulations also set the prescribed timeframes for providing this information.
Subjects: Legislation;Law reform;Medical policy;Women's health;Northern Territory;Australia;Conscientious objectors;Reporting;RU486
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10137/1309
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