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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Oct-2015Paediatric Australian bat lyssavirus encephalomyelitis - sequential MRI appearances from symptom onset to death.Shetty, Umesh; Phillips, Mark; Francis, Joshua R; Walsh, MarkCase Reports; Journal ArticleAustralian bat lyssavirus; Brain; Child; Lyssavirus; Magnetic resonance imaging; Spinal cord
Jan-2018Paediatric invasive Haemophilus influenzae in Queensland, Australia, 2002-2011: Young Indigenous children remain at highest risk.Cleland, Gavin; Leung, Clare; Wan Sai Cheong, Jenny; Francis, Joshua; Heney, Claire; Nourse, ClareJournal ArticleHaemophilus influenzae infections; Queensland; immunisation; paediatric
Oct-2017Paediatric surgical services in remote northern Australia: an integrated model of care.Quinn, Liam; Read, DavidJournal Articlechild; general surgeon; inguinal hernia; orchidopexy; paediatric surgeon
Sep-2003Palliative care for patients with end-stage renal failure: reflections from Central Australia.Fried, OfraCase Reports; Journal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
Apr-2005Palliative care strategy 2005-2009Department of Health and Community ServicesStrategyPalliative care; Strategy; Remote areas; Aboriginal health services; Cultural diversity; Delivery of service; Aboriginal people
Apr-2008Palmerston eastern suburbs biting insect assessmentWarchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter ITechnical ReportInsects; Mosquitoes; Assessment; Palmerston; Planning; Engineering; Maintenance; Surveys; Monitoring; Arboviruses; Vector control; Prevention and control; Urban development; Epidemic polyarthritis; Ross River virus infections; Disease vectors
May-2008Palmerston Health Precinct redevelopmentBanscott Pty. Ltd.Technical ReportPrimary health care; Access; After hours services; Palmerston; Community health services; Comprehensive health care
Apr-2017Panel 1: Epidemiology and Diagnosis.Homøe, Preben; Kværner, Kari; Casey, Janet R; Damoiseaux, Roger A M J; van Dongen, Thijs M A; Gunasekera, Hasantha; Jensen, Ramon G; Kvestad, Ellen; Morris, Peter S; Weinreich, Heather MJournal Article; Reviewchronic suppurative otitis media; diagnostics; epidemiology; genetics; guidelines; hearing loss; microbiology; otitis media; quality of life; risk factors
2015Pangenome Analysis of Burkholderia pseudomallei: Genome Evolution Preserves Gene Order despite High Recombination Rates.Spring-Pearson, Senanu M; Stone, Joshua K; Doyle, Adina; Allender, Christopher J; Okinaka, Richard T; Mayo, Mark; Broomall, Stacey M; Hill, Jessica M; Karavis, Mark A; Hubbard, Kyle S; Insalaco, Joseph M; McNew, Lauren A; Rosenzweig, C Nicole; Gibbons, Henry S; Currie, Bart J; Wagner, David M; Keim, Paul; Tuanyok, ApichaiJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
Jan-2015Parasite biomass-related inflammation, endothelial activation, microvascular dysfunction and disease severity in vivax malaria.Barber, Bridget E; William, Timothy; Grigg, Matthew J; Parameswaran, Uma; Piera, Kim A; Price, Ric N; Yeo, Tsin W; Anstey, Nicholas MJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
2016Part B Funding Contract Terms and ConditionDepartment of HealthContractFunding Contract; Terms and conditions
2017Participatory systems approach to health improvement in Australian Aboriginal children.McDonald, Elizabeth L; Bailie, Ross S; Morris, Peter SJournal Article-
Mar-2010Particulate face masks for protection against airborne pathogens - one size does not fit all: an observational study.Winter, Susan; Thomas, Jane H; Stephens, Dianne P; Davis, Joshua SEvaluation Studies; Journal Article-
Jan-2005Partnerships in care and education for our childrenDepartment of Health and Community Services; Department of Employment, Education and TrainingBookPartnerships; Policy; Government agencies; Outside school hours care; Service providers
Oct-2014Pathogens penetrating the central nervous system: infection pathways and the cellular and molecular mechanisms of invasion.Dando, Samantha J; Mackay-Sim, Alan; Norton, Robert; Currie, Bart J; St John, James A; Ekberg, Jenny A K; Batzloff, Michael; Ulett, Glen C; Beacham, Ifor RJournal Article; Review-
Jul-2017Patient Assistance Travel Scheme (PATS) guidelinesDepartment of HealthGuidelinePatient Assistance Travel Scheme; PATS
Jun-2015Patient experience of expanded-scope-of-practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the emergency department: a qualitative study.Harding, Paula; Prescott, Jonathan; Block, Lenore; O'Flynn, Anne Marie; Burge, Angela TJournal Article-
Feb-2016Patient kidney disease knowledge remains inadequate with standard nephrology outpatient care.Gray, Nicholas A; Kapojos, Jola J; Burke, Michael T; Sammartino, Christine; Clark, Carolyn JJournal Articlechronic kidney disease; education; kidney; knowledge; survey
Apr-2003Patient Travel Scheme (PTS) guidelines: incorporating Patient Assistance Travel Scheme (PATS), interhospital transfer (IHT), medical evacuation (MEDIVAC)Hospital Services, DHCSGuidelineAccess; Travel; Social support; Patients; Financial assistance; Specialists
Oct-2017Pattern and Outcome of Heart Failure-Related Hospitalization Over 5 Years in a Remote Australian Population: A Retrospective Administrative Data Cohort of 617 Indigenous and non-Indigenous Cases.Tuttle, Camilla; Reeves, Matthew; Zhong Hu, Ta-Chi; Keates, Ashley K; Brady, Stephen; Maguire, Graeme; Stewart, SimonJournal ArticleEpidemiology; Indigenous; health outcomes; heart failure; remote