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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Dec-2011Habitat modification for mosquito control in the Ilparpa Swamp, Northern Territory, Australia.Jacups, Susan; Kurucz, Nina; Whitters, Raelene; Whelan, PeterJournal Article; Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't-
2003HACC pack 2003Department of HealthBookHome and community care; Staff development
Feb-2016Hand foot and mouth diseaseCentre for Disease Control; Department of HealthInformation SheetFoot and mouth
Jul-2017Having a termination of pregnancy in the NTWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetWomen’s health; Law reform; Consumer information; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Medical practitioner; Health practitioner; Guidelines; RU486; Surgical procedure; Regulations; Local government
Jul-2012Head lice action packDepartment of HealthKitHead lice infestations; Head lice treatments; Prevention and control; Public health; Community health; Public awareness; Health education
Jul-2016Head lice advice : Information for parents, schools and child care centresDepartment of HealthInformation SheetHead lice
Jul-2016Head Lice Advice postersDepartment of HealthPosterHead lice
Jul-2016Head lice and nitsCentre for Disease ControlInformation SheetHead lice; Nits
2017Health Advisory Committees Expression of InterestSystem Performance and Innovation; Department of HealthFormHealth Advisory Committee
2017Health Advisory Committees Fact Sheet and Terms of ReferenceSystem Performance and Innovation; Department of Health; Dept. of HealthFact SheetHealth Advisory Committee
Mar-2001The health and welfare of TerritoriansCondon, John; Warman, Gail; Arnold, LaurenBookHealth status; Statistics; Epidemiology
Sep-2005The health and wellbeing of Northern Territory women: from the desert to the sea 2005Jones, Catherine; Zhang, Xiaohua; Dempsey, Karen; Schwarz, Naomi; Guthridge, SteveBookWomen's health; Health; Statistics; Epidemiology
Nov-2013The Health and Wellbeing of Older TerritoriansMcConville, Vanessa; Dempsey, Karen; Tew, Kara; Malyon, Rosalyn; Thompson, Fintan; Guthridge, Steve; Bhatia, BhanuBookDemographics; Statistics; Ageing; Medicine; Public health; Population characteristics; Social environment; Risk factors; Epidemiology
2015Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services - FactsheetDepartment of HealthFact SheetHealth Promoting Hospitals Health Services
Feb-2015Health Spectrum of Stakeholder EngagementDepartment of HealthInformation SheetHealth policy; Aboriginal health; Stakeholder engagement
2010Health workforce modelling, Northern Territory, 2006-2022Malyon, Rosalyn; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, SteveTechnical ReportDoctors; Nurses; Models; Workforce; Evaluation; Health Economics
2010Health workforce modelling, Northern Territory, technical report for the medical workforce modelMalyon, Rosalyn; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, SteveTechnical ReportModels; Evaluation; Workforce; Doctors; Health Economics
2010Health workforce modelling, Northern Territory, technical report for the nursing workforce modelMalyon, Rosalyn; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, SteveTechnical ReportEvaluation; Workforce; Nursing; Nurses; Nursing services; Models; Health Economics
2014Healthy choices made easy - Frequently asked questionsDepartment of Health; Nutrition and Physical ActivityInformation SheetHealthy Choices Made Easy; Nutrition
2014Healthy choices made easy: Healthy fundraising guideDepartment of HealthPolicyHealthy fundraising guide