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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2012Early Childhood Oral HealthNT Health; Oral HealthBookletOral health; Children's health; Teeth; Hygiene; Teeth cleaning; Child health
Feb-2011East Arm port expansion project, biting insect investigation October to December 2010Warchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter ITechnical ReportAustralia; Northern Territory; Darwin; Insects; Mosquitoes; Environmental impact; Encephalitis; Disease vectors; Surveys; Public health; Environmental management
Sep-2006East Timor AusAID mosquito projectPettit, William J; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleSurveys; Vector control; Arboviruses; International cooperation; Staff development; Southeast Asia; Dengue; Mosquitoes; Timor-Leste; East Timor
2005Educating to improve population health outcomes in chronic disease: a curriculum package to integrate a population health approach for the prevention, early detection and management of chronic disease when educating the primary health care workforce in remote and rural northern AustraliaSmith, Janie DadeBookHealth education; Aboriginal people; Curriculum; Remote areas; Chronic disease; Staff development; Primary prevention; Primary health care
Aug-2017Education Criteria - Career Pathway StreamsNursing and Midwifery; Department of HealthFactSheetNT Nursing and Midwifery Career Pathway clinical education research management
Dec-2010Efficacy of alpha-cypermethrin and lambda-cyhalothrin applications to prevent Aedes breeding in tiresPettit, William J; Whelan, Peter I; McDonnell, Joseph; Jacups, Susan PJournal ArticleInsects; Mosquitoes; Australia; Northern Territory; Darwin; Vector control; Insecticides; Dengue; Prevention and control; Public health
2017Adult diphtheriaDepartment of HealthFormVaccination; Diphtheria; Tetanus; Pertussis; Tetanus and pertussis (dTpa) vaccination year 7 and 8 students consent form
2014eHealthNT HappeningsDepartment of HealthReportInformation technology; Information dissemination; Public awareness; Information sharing; Information resources; Information exchange; Data protection
2010The elective surgery story: waiting, going to hospital, coming home strongDepartment of HealthVideoElective surgery; Aboriginal people; Communication; Hospitals; Culture; Alice Springs
Jul-2017Elevated blood lead levels: Clinical guidelines and public health management of elevated blood lead levelsDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease ControlGuidelineLead exposure; Poison; Lead toxicity
Nov-2016Childhood vaccination scheduleDepartment of HealthScheduleVaccination schedule
2016Employee complaint formDepartment of HealthFormComplaints; Feedback
2008Endogenous and exogenous factors controlling temporal abundance patterns of tropical mosquitoesYang, Guo-Jing; Brook, Barry W; Whelan, Peter I; Cleland, Sam; Bradshaw, Corey JJournal ArticleMosquitoes; Northern Territory; Insects; Vector control; Monitoring; Climate; Population dynamics; Models
Jun-2006Energy Resources of Australia Ranger Mine, Kakadu National Park, investigation of mosquito breeding sites and management recommendationsWarchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter ITechnical ReportInsects; Mosquitoes; Assessment; Kakadu National Park; Risk management; Surveys; Monitoring; Arboviruses; Disease vectors; Endemic polyarthritis; Ross River virus infections; Encephalitis; Malaria; Sewage; Vector control; Insecticides; Public awareness; Prevention and control
2012Melioidosis factsheet translationsDepartment of HealthFact SheetMelioidosis
2016Entry to Mental Health Services - Form 9Department of Health; Mental health and Related ServicesFormMental Health Services
Dec-2000Envenomation by the billygoat plum stinging caterpillar (Thosea penthima)Isbister, Geoffrey K; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleInsects; Bites and stings; Plants; Skin
Dec-2015Environmental changes - a challenge for mosquito control in the Lee Point area, Darwin, Northern Territory, AustraliaWarchot, Allan; Copley, Nadine; Kurucz, NinaJournal ArticleAustralia; Northern Territory; Darwin; Insects; Mosquitoes; Disease vectors; Vector control; Surveys; Public health; Arboviruses; Ross River virus infections; Medical Entomology
Nov-2014Environmental Health - Medicines & Poisons Control : Interstate Health Departments - S8 Drug MonitoringDepartment of Health; Medicines & Poisons ControlScheduleInterstate Health Departments; Schedule S8 substances; Drug monitoring; National Health Departments; Medicines; Poison
2002Environmental Health Standards Addendum No. 1 June 2002Department of HealthStandardEnvironmental Health Standards Addendum