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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
2016Aboriginal Cultural SecurityDepartment of HealthReport; PolicyOffice of Aboriginal Health Policy and Engagement Systems Performance; Aboriginal Health
2007Aboriginal cultural security : an outline of the policy and its implementationDepartment of Health and Community ServicesBookAboriginal people; Culture; Cultural diversity; Policy development; Aboriginal health
2005Aboriginal health and families: a five year framework for actionDepartment of Health and Community ServicesBookHealth services; Aboriginal people; Reform; Family
2012Aboriginal Policy & Stakeholder Engagement FrameworkDepartment of HealthPolicyStakeholder engagement; Aboriginal health
Apr-1984Aboriginal Tribal listsNT HealthReportAboriginal Australians; Tribes
Nov-2003Achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: summary reportShannon, Cindy; Wakerman, John; Hill, Peter; Barnes, Tony; Griew, RobertReportAboriginal health services; Aboriginal people; Torres Strait Islander peoples; Health services
Sep-1998Adult morbidity and mortality due to tobacco smoking in the Northern Territory, 1986–1995Measey, Mary-Anne; d'Espaignet, Edouard; Cunningham, JoanTechnical ReportSmoking; Mortality; Morbidity; Statistics; Epidemiology
Jun-2012Adult mosquito trap sensitivity for detecting exotic mosquito incursions and eradication: a study using EVS traps and the Australian southern saltmarsh mosquito, Aedes camptorhynchusWilliams, Craig R; Bader, Christie R; Williams, Samantha R; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleAustralia; Insects; Mosquitoes; Monitoring
Nov-2016NT pneumococcal vaccination and revaccination guidelineDepartment of HealthGuidelinePneumococcal vaccination
Jul-2017Adverse Event Following Immunisation/Vaccine FailureDepartment of Health; Centre for Disease Control; Department of HealthReportImmunisation
Mar-2004Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, vectors for dengue, found in Tennant Creek - elimination campaign in progressWhelan, Peter I; Krause, Vicki; Lamche, Gisela; Kurucz, NinaJournal ArticleMosquitoes; Arboviruses; Dengue; Vector control; Prevention and control; Public awareness; Surveys; Insects; Medical Entomology
2-Jun-2010Aerial mosquito control of Ilparpa swamp, Alice Springs 12 March 2010Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter IJournal ArticleAlice Springs; Mosquitoes; Surveys; Vector control; Disease vectors; Arboviruses; Public health; Ross River virus infections; Insecticides; Sewage; Encephalitis; Medical Entomology
2015Aerial mosquito control of Ilparpa Swamp, Alice Springs 23 January 2015Kurucz, Nina; Roberts, AlexanderTechnical ReportAustralia; Northern Territory; Alice Springs; Insects; Mosquitoes; Disease vectors; Vector control; Surveys; Monitoring; Encephalitis; Public health; Medical Entomology
Mar-2013Agreement to trial DEP equipmentDepartment of Health; Aged and Disability ProgramProgramDEP forms and agreements; Disability Equipment Program; DEP; Aged Care Disability Equipment Program
2017Alcohol and Other Drugs Youth Grants ProgramDepartment of Health; Alcohol and Other Drugs DirectorateFlyerAOD Youth Grants; Alcohol and Other Drugs Youth Grants; Alcohol and Other Drugs
2017Alcohol management plan templates-FormAlcohol management; Community
2016Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report January to March 2016Department of HealthReportAlcohol Mandatory Treatment; AMT; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment reports
2014Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report April to June 2014Department of Health; Alcohol and Other DrugsReportAlcohol Mandatory Treatment reports; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment; AMT
2015Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report April to June 2015Department of HealthReportAlcohol Mandatory Treatment; AMT; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment reports
Apr-2016Alcohol Mandatory Treatment (AMT) quarterly report April to June 2016Department of HealthWorking PaperAlcohol; Mandatory treatment; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment reports; Alcohol Mandatory Treatment