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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeSubject
Jul-2017Having a termination of pregnancy in the NTWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetWomen’s health; Law reform; Consumer information; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Medical practitioner; Health practitioner; Guidelines; RU486; Surgical procedure; Regulations; Local government
Jul-2017Northern Territory Clinical Guidelines for Termination of PregnancyWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthGuidelinesData collection; Abortion; Pregnancy; Standards; Termination; Consumer information; Surgical procedures; RU486; Law reform; Women’s health; Local government; Regional government
Jul-2017Northern Territory of Australia Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act 2017Women’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthActRU486; Act No. 7 of 2017; Abortion; Conscientious objector; Medical practitioners; Law; Legislation; Health practitioner; Local government; Federal government; Regulations; Women's health; Pregnancy; Law reform
Jul-2017Pregnancy options for women in the Northern TerritoryHealth Practitioner; Women’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetRU486; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Guidelines; Women's health; Medical practitioner; Consumer information; Law reform; Regulations; Local government; Surgical procedures; Act; Unplanned pregnancy; Contraceptive methods
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Credential Verification FormWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFormConscientious objector; RU486; Abortion; Medical practitioners; Law; Legislation; Local government; Federal government; Regulations; Women's health; Pregnancy
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Credentialing For Medical PractitionersDepartment of Health; Women's Health strategyFactSheetLaw; Medical practitioners; Standards; Reporting; Induced abortion; Conscientious objectors; Women's health; Public health; Legislation; Health policy; Pregnancy; Local government
Dec-2016Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform : Discussion PaperDepartment of Health; Women’s Health Strategy UnitReportAct; RU486; Legislation; Medical practitioner; Unplanned pregnancy; Guidelines; Women's health; Law; Local government
Jul-2017Termination Of Pregnancy Law Reform RegulationsWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthRegulationAbortion; Women’s health; Law reform; Pregnancy; RU486; Health practitioner; Medical practitioner; Regulations; Legislation; Law; Federal government; Local government; Conscientious objector
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Informaiton Reporting FormSurgical Procedure; Women's Health Strategy; Department of HealthFormData collection; Conscientious objector; Timeframe; Reporting; Medical practitioner; Health practitioner; Local government; RU486; Women's health
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Prescribed Information Reporting RequirementsPregnancy; Reporting; Department of Health; Women’s Health StrategyFactSheetLegislation; Law reform; Medical policy; Women's health; Northern Territory; Australia; Conscientious objectors; Reporting; RU486
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Referral for Pregnancy Services FormDepartment of Health; Women’s Health StrategyFormConscientious objector; RU486; Women’s health; Pregnancy termination; Local government
Jul-2017Termination of Pregnancy Summary of ChangesWomen’s Health Strategy; Department of HealthFactSheetAbortion; Conscientious objector; Act; Women's health; Consumer information; Pregnancy; Conscientious objector; Guidelines; Medical practitioner; Law reform; Regulations; Local government; RU486